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BOULOGNE SUR MER, July 15, 1763.

NICE, September 2, 1764.

DEAR DOCTOR, - I wrote in May to Mr. B - at Geneva, and gave him what information he desired to have, touching the conveniences of Nice. I shall now enter into the same detail, for the benefit of such of your friends or patients, as may have occasion to try this climate.

BOULOGNE, August 15, 1763.

NICE, October 10, 1764.

BOULOGNE, September 1, 1763.

SIR, - I am infinitely obliged to D. H - for the favourable manner in which he has mentioned me to the earl of H - I have at last recovered my books, by virtue of a particular order to the director of the douane, procured by the application of the English resident to the French ministry. I am now preparing for my long journey; but, before I leave this place, I shall send you the packet I mentioned, by Meriton. Mean-while I must fulfil my promise in communicating the observations I have had occasion to make upon this town and country.

NICE, October 22, 1764.

SIR, - As I have nothing else to do, but to satisfy my own curiosity, and that of my friends, I obey your injunctions with pleasure; though not without some apprehension that my inquiries will afford you very little entertainment. The place where I am is of very little importance or consequence as a state or community; neither is there any thing curious or interesting in the character or oeconomy of its inhabitants.

BOULOGNE, September 12, 1763.

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