Acaiari, the resinous gum of the hiawa-tree. 
Acouri, one of the agutis; a rodent about the size of a rabbit. 
Acuero, a species of palm. 
Aeta, a palm of great size; it may reach a hundred feet before the leaves begin. 
Ai, the three-toed sloth. 
Albicore, a fish closely related to the tunny. 
Anhinga, the darter or snake-bird; a cormorant-like bird. 
Ant-bear, now called the ant-eater. 
Ara, a macaw. 
Ara, Scarlet, the scarlet macaw.

Bisa, one of the Saki monkeys. 

Cabbage Mountain, one of the most beautiful of the palm-trees. 
Camoudi, the anaconda. 
Campanero, the bell-bird. 
Caprimulgus, one of the goat-suckers. 
Cassique, a bird of the hang-nest family. 
Cayman, an alligator, as here used. 
Cotingas, chatterers. 
Couguar, the puma. 
Coulacanara, the boa-constrictor. 
Courada, the white mangrove tree. 
Crabier, the boat-bill - a small heron. 
Crickets, cicadas. 
Cuia, one of the Trojans. 
Curlew, Scarlet, the scarlet ibis. 

Dolphin, a coryphene - a true fish - not a cetacean. 

Guana, the iguana lizard. 

Hannaquoi, one of the curassows. 
Houtou, one of the motmots. 
Humming-bird Ara or Karabimiti, the crimson topaz. 

Jacamar, Jacana, as anglicized - the spur-winged waterhen. 

Labba, a rodent allied to the cavies. 

Naudapoa, an ibis. 

Patasa, unidentified. 
Phaeton, the tropic bird. 
Pi-pi-yo, unidentified. 
Porcupine, the tree-porcupine. 

Quake, a basket of open-work, very elastic and expansive. 

Redstart, quite distinct from the English redstart. 

Sacawinki, one of the squirrel monkeys. 
Sangre-do-buey, the scarlet tanager. 

Tangara, now called tanager. See Sangre-do-buey. 

Waracaba, the trumpeter. 
Whip-poor-will, one of the goat-suckers. 
Who-are-you? one of the goat-suckers. 
Willy-come-go, one of the goat-suckers. 
Work-away, one of the goat-suckers. 

Yawaraciri, one of the blue creepers.