With Murray, Baedeker, Guide Joanne, and half-a-dozen others - all describing, and describing with exactness, the antiquities and scenery - the writer of a little account of Provence and Languedoc is driven to give much of personal incident. When he attempts to describe what objects he has seen, he is pulled up by finding all the information he intended to give in Murray or in Baedeker or Joanne. If he was in exuberant spirits at the time, and enjoyed himself vastly, he is unable, or unwilling, to withhold from his readers some of the overflow of his good spirits. That is my apology to the reader. If he reads my little book when his liver is out of order, or in winter fogs and colds - he will call me an ass, and I must bear it. If he is in a cheerful mood himself, then we shall agree very well together.



October 28, 1890.