Abaza, Major S., appointed superintendent of Siberian division; 
  forms plan of operations; 
  starts northward from Petropavlovsk; 
  scares up a bear; 
  falls ill at Lesnoi; 
  leaves Gizhiga for Okhotsk; 
  orders from; 
  returns to Gizhiga; 
  makes trip to Anadyrsk; 
  sails for Okhotsk; 
  visits Yakutsk; 
  comes to Yamsk; 
  returns to Yakutsk; 
  starts for St. Petersburg; 
  letter from. 
  Agaricus muscarius, Korak intoxicant. 
  Air-hole, driving into 
  Aklan, river 
  Aldan, river 
  Amur, river 
  Anadyr, river; 
  work on. 
  Anadyr River party; 
  finding of; 
  experience of; 
  orders concerning. 
  Anadyrsk, village; 
  arrival at; 
  priest's house in; 
  history and description of; 
  climate of; 
  ball at; 
  character of inhabitants; 
  famine at. 
  Anadyrsk sickness 
  Animals, of Kamchatka 
  Anossof, Russian commissioner 
  Arnold, member of Anadyr River party 
  Astronomical lectures 
  Atlantic cable, failure of first; 
  final success of. 
  Aurora borealis; 
  remarkable display of. 
  Aurora of the sea 
  Avacha, bay 
  Avacha, river 
  Avacha, village 
  Avacha, volcano


  "Baideras," Korak skin boats 
  "Balagans," fish storehouses 
  Ball, at Anadyrsk; 
  at Irkutsk. 
  "Ballalaikas," Siberian guitars 
  "Barabans," Korak drums 
  Baths, "black," Kamchatkan steam baths 
  Bear hunts 
  Bering, monument to, in Petropavlovsk 
  Bickmore, A.S., reference to Korak marriage ceremony 
  Bivouacs, Kamchatkan 
  Bollman, merchant in Petropavlovsk 
  Bordman, W.H. 
  Bowsher, member of Sandford's party 
  Bragan, Nicolai, guide 
  Bragans, Kamchatkan traders 
  British Columbia 
  British Government, concessions from 
  Bulkley, Colonel Charles S. 
  Bush, Richard J., becomes member of Siberian party; 
  sails for Amur River; 
  meeting with, at Gizhiga; 
  put in command of Northern District; 
  bad news from; 
  night meeting with; 
  experience in summer of 1866 


  Cable, Atlantic, failure of first; 
  final success of 
  Camp, a winter 
  Canoe travel 
  Canticle, a driver's 
  Christmas, in a storm; 
  in Anadyrsk 
  Christmas carols 
  Church, Greek, architecture and color; 
  Clara Bell, bark 
  Cold, Asiatic pole of; 
  phenomena of; 
  on Myan River; 
  lowest temperature observed; 
  in Stanavoi mountains 
  Collins, P. McD., suggests overland telegraph to Europe 
  Congress, of U. S., promises assistance 
  Cossack waltz 
  Crimean war, connection of Petropavlovsk with 
  Crinoline, Korak comment on 


  Dall, W. H. 
  Dances, Siberian 
  Distance, Korak ideas of 
  Divide, Kamchatkan, crossing of 
  Dix, Major General, worshipped as a saint 
  Dodd, James, engaged as member of party in Petropavlovsk; 
  goes to Tigil; 
  left in Gizhiga 
  Dogs, ancestry: 
  driving of; 
  first experiment in driving; 
  howling of, in chorus; 
  cutting of feet by ice 
  "Dole," arctic desert 
  Dranka, village 
  of Kamchadals; 
  of Wandering Koraks; 
  of Zamutkis and Tunguses 
  Drunkenness, from poisonous toadstool 


  English, Shakespearian, in Irkutsk 
  Equipment, in San Francisco; 
  in Petropavlovsk; 
  in Lesnoi; 
  in Gizhiga; 
  in Anadyrsk; 
  in Yakutsk 
  Escape, narrowest 
  Eskimo-like natives 
  Ethnology, of Siberian natives 
  Evil spirits, propitiation of 
  Exploration, plans for


  Fashion-plate, Korak comment on 
  Field glass, Chukchi experiments with 
  Fish savings banks 
  Flowers, in Gizhiga; 
  in Petropavlovsk; 
  in Kamchatka 
  Fluger, German merchant in Petropavlovsk 
  Fly agaric, as intoxicant 
  Food, of Kamchadals 
  Fort St. Michael 
  Frank Leslie's, fashion-plate from; 
  pictures from 
  Frazer River 
  bulbs eaten 
  Fronefield, American in Petropavlovsk 
  Frost, George A. 
  Fruits, of Kamchatka 
  Fur trade, of Kamchatka


  Gale, in North Pacific 
  Genal, valley 
  Genal, village 
  Gizhiga, village; 
  arrival at; 
  first days in; 
  departure from; 
  return to, from Anadyrsk; 
  spring in; 
  climate of; 
  dancing parties in 
  Golden Gate, bark, wreck of 
  Goldsmith, Oliver, reference to Korak intoxicant 
  Grouse "teteer" 


  Hallie Jackson, brig 
  Hamilton, captain of whaling bark Sea Breeze 
  Harchina, village 
  Harder, member of Anadyr River party 
  Harper's Weekly, pictures from 
  Heck, member of Sandford's party 
  Herald, N.Y., correspondent of 
  Horseback travel 
  Horse-express, Siberian 
  Houses, Kamchadal 
  Hunter, American in Petropavlovsk


  Illustrated London News, as wall paper 
  Imperator and operator 
  Indian type, of Siberian native 
  Intoxicant, Korak 
  Irkutsk, city 
  "Ispravnik," local governor of Petropavlovsk; 
  of Gizhiga; 
  of Okhotsk


  "Jerusalem," village


  Kamchadals, character; 
  sable trapping; 
  summer settlements; 
  Kamchatka, animals; 
  first impressions; 
  first view of coast; 
  Kamchatka River; 
  raft, life on; 
  valley of 
  Kamchatkan Divide, crossing of 
  Kamchatkan lily 
  Kamchatkan mountains 
  Kazarefski, village 
  "Kazarm," a Russian barrack 
  "Kedrovnik," see "Pine" 
  Kennicott, leader of Alaskan exploring party 
  Kirinsk, town on Lena River 
  Kluchei, village 
  Kluchefskoi volcano 
  Knox, Colonel T. W., correspondent of N.Y. Herald 
  Kolyma, mosquitoes in 
  Korak, village 
  Koraks, Settled, appearance; 
  experiments with American food; 
  in Kamenoi; 
  stupidity and ugliness; 
  Koraks, Wandering, arrival at first encampment; 
  comment on dress of American woman; 
  geographical range; 
  marriage ceremony; 
  monotonous life; 
  old and sick killed; 
  relation to Chukchis; 
  relieve starving Anadyrsk people; 
  social organisation; 
  Koratskoi, volcano 
  Krestofskaya, village 
  Kristi, village 
  Kuil, village of Settled Koraks 
  Kukel, General 
  "Kukhlanka" fur overshirt


  Labrador tea 
  Land, longing for 
  Language, "American"; 
  Russian difficulty of learning; 
  grammar of; 
  experience with, in Irkutsk 
  La Perouse, monument to, in Petropavlovsk 
  Lecky, W.H., reference to religion of terror 
  Lectures, astronomical 
  Leet, American brought by bark Onward; 
  suicide of 
  Lesnoi, village 
  Letovies, summer settlements 
  Lewis, Richard, telegraph operator brought by bark Onward 
  Lily, Kamchatkan 
  "Lodkas," Siberian skiffs


  Macrae, leader of Anadyr River party 
  Macrae and Arnold, go with Chukchis; 
  no news from; 
  arrive in Anadyrsk; 
  experience with Chukchis; 
  first winter's work 
  Mahood, Captain James A. 
  Mahood and Bush 
  Maidel, Baron 
  Malqua, village 
  "Manyalla," Korak bread 
  Marriage ceremonies, Russian 
  Matches, Koraks see for first time 
  Matuga, island 
  Maximof, Kamchatkan driver 
  Mikina, village 
  Milkova, village 
  Mongolian type of natives 
  "Moroshkas," berries 
  Moss steppe 
  Mountains, Kamchatkan 
  "Muk-a-moor," Korak intoxicant 
  Music, American, in Kamchatka; 
  of Kamchadals; 
  of Greek Church; 
  on corvette Varag 
  Myan, river


  Nalgim, mountain 
  "Nart," Siberian dog-sledge 
  New York Herald, correspondent of 
  Nights, in summer 
  Nikolaievsk, town 
  Nizhni Novgorod 
  Northern District, famine in; 
  work in 
  Norton, forearm of pole-cutting party 
  Norton, sound


  "Oerstel," a spiked stick 
  Okhotsk Sea; 
  coast of; 
  temperatures of; 
  phosphorescence of 
  Okuta, village 
  Olga, brig, passage engaged on; 
  inspection of; 
  sails from San Francisco; 
  life on; 
  sails for Amur River 
  Onward, bark 
  Operator and imperator


  Palmetto, bark 
  Paren, river 
  "Pavoskas," travelling sleighs or sledges 
  Penzhina, river 
  Penzhina, village 
  Penzhinsk Gulf 
  Phillippeus, trip down the Anadyr; 
  boat of 
  Phosphorescence, of the sea 
  Pierce, American in Petropavlovsk 
  Pine, trailing or "Kedrovnik" 
  Plans, at Gizhiga 
  "Podorozhnaya," order for post-horses 
  "Pologs," skin bedrooms 
  Pope, leader of Alaskan party 
  Porte Crayon, sketches of, in Kamchatka 
  Post-road to Irkutsk 
  Povorotnoi, cape 
  Price, telegraph operator, brought by Onward 
  "Pripaika," ice-foot 
  Propashchina, River of the Lost 
  "Protoks," arms of stream 
  "Purgas," blizzards 
  Pushchin, village


  Raft, Kamchatkan 
  Raft travel 
  Raselskoi, volcano 
  Reception, Kamchatkan 
  of Koraks; 
  of Tunguses; 
  about sale of; 
  Reindeer Koraks, see "Koraks, 
  Reindeer-sledge travel 
  Religion, of Kamchadals; 
  of Wandering Koraks 
  Reveries, seasick 
  River of the Lost 
  Robinson, member of Anadyr 
  River party 
  Roses, wild 
  Route of line 
  Routes from Kluchei 
  Russell and Co. 
  Russian-American Telegraph Co. 
  organisation of 
  failure of 
  Russian Government 
  Russian language


  Sables, trapping; 
  trade in skins 
  Saghalin, Russian supply steamer 
  St. Petersburg 
  Sale, a bargain 
  Salmon, catching and curing; 
  failure of; 
  dependence of Siberians upon 
  Samanka Mountains 
  Samanka River 
  Sandford, Lieut., foreman of 
  pole-cutting party 
  "Sastrugi," permanent drifts 
  of snow 
  Scammon, Captain, commander 
  of Company's fleet 
  Scenery of Kamchatka 
  Scenery, Siberian, in winter 
  Sea Breeze, whaling bark 
  Sea life 
  "Selanka," Kamchatkan soup 
  Send-off, a Siberian 
  "Shchi," cabbage soup 
  Shelashnikoff, Governor-General 
  Sherom, village 
  Shestakova, village 
  Sidanka, village 
  Smith, member of Anadyr River 
  Sparrow song 
  Spring, in Gizhiga 
  Squirrel skins 
  Stanavoi Mountains 
  "Starosta," head man of village 
  Steeplechase, to Sidanka 
  Stock, of Western Union Extension 
  Storm in Northern Pacific; 
  on the Viliga River; 
  on the Malkachan steppe; 
  in Gizhiginsk Gulf 
  Stovepipe, search for; 
  finding of 
  "Struganini," frozen fish 
  Sugar, used instead of money 
  Sulkavoi, captain of port of Petropavlovsk 
  Sutton, captain of bark Clara Bell 
  Suveilich, volcano 


  "Taiyon," Korak chief 
  "Tarantas," Siberian travelling carriage 
  Tea, used instead of money 
  "Tea caravans," 
  Telega, four-wheeled Siberian wagon 
  Tents, of Koraks, life in 
  "Teteer," Russian grouse 
  Tide, a race with 
  Tigil, village 
  Time, expedients to pass away 
  Tobacco, used instead of money 
  Tobezin, captain of steamer, Saghalin 
  Topolofka, river 
  "Topor," Russian axe 
  "Torbasses," fur boots 
  Trances, in Anadyrsk sickness 
  Trailing-pine. See "Pine" 
  Transportation, means of, in Kamchatka 
  Tundras, mossy plains 
  Turkish type of natives


  Ural Mountains 
  Usinova, brook


  Varag, Russian corvette 
  Verkholensk, town on Lena River 
  Viliga, stormy gorge of; 
  Villages, Kamchatkan, descriptions 
  Villuchinski, volcano 
  Vitimsk, town on Lena River 
  Volcanoes of Kamchatka 
  Vorrebeoffs, Kamchatkan traders,


  Wages, paid Yakut laborers 
  Wedding, in Petropavlovsk; 
  in Korak tent 
  Western Union Extension Co. 
  Western Union Telegraph Co. 
  Wheeler, sent to Yamsk 
  Whymper, book of 
  Wild-rose petals, as food 
  Women, American, Korak comment on dress of 
  Work accomplished up to March 1886 
  Writing, Korak and Chukchi, ignorance of


  winter temperatures 
  Yamsk, village; 
  trip to, in March 
  "Yassak," a tax on furs 
  Yolofka, pass 
  Yolofka, river, canoe travel on 
  Yolofka, village 
  "Yukola," dried fish 
  "Yurts," Asiatic habitations; 
  of settled Koraks,


  "Zimovie," winter settlement 
  Zinovief, Gregorie, Cossack guide