The published Journals of all the Explorers of Australia. 
Reports of Explorations published in Parliamentary Papers. 
History of New South Wales, from the Records. (Barton and Bladen.) 
Account of New South Wales, by Captain Watkin Tench. 
Manuscript Diaries of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. 
Manuscript Diaries of G.W. Evans. (Macquarie and Lachlan Rivers.) 
The Pioneers of Victoria and South Australia, by various writers. 
Contemporaneous Australian Journals of the several States. 
Private letters and memoranda of persons in all the States. 
Manuscript Diary of Charles Bonney. 
Pamphlets and other bound extracts on the subject of exploration. 
The Year Book of Western Australia. 
Records of the Geographical Societies of South Australia and Victoria. 
Russell's Genesis of Queensland. 
Biographical Notes, by J.H. Maiden. 
Spinifex and Sand, by David Carnegie.