Abaza, Major S., appointed superintendent of Siberian division; 
  forms plan of operations; 
  starts northward from Petropavlovsk; 
  scares up a bear; 
  falls ill at Lesnoi; 
  leaves Gizhiga for Okhotsk; 
  orders from; 
  returns to Gizhiga; 
  makes trip to Anadyrsk; 
  sails for Okhotsk; 
  visits Yakutsk; 
  comes to Yamsk; 
  returns to Yakutsk; 
  starts for St. Petersburg; 
  letter from. 
  Agaricus muscarius, Korak intoxicant. 
  Air-hole, driving into 
  Aklan, river 
  Aldan, river 
  Amur, river 
  Anadyr, river; 
  work on. 
  Anadyr River party; 
  finding of; 
  experience of; 
  orders concerning. 
  Anadyrsk, village; 
  arrival at; 
  priest's house in; 
  history and description of; 
  climate of; 
  ball at; 
  character of inhabitants; 
  famine at. 
  Anadyrsk sickness 
  Animals, of Kamchatka 
  Anossof, Russian commissioner 
  Arnold, member of Anadyr River party 
  Astronomical lectures 
  Atlantic cable, failure of first; 
  final success of. 
  Aurora borealis; 
  remarkable display of. 
  Aurora of the sea 
  Avacha, bay 
  Avacha, river 
  Avacha, village 
  Avacha, volcano