Our task is done. We have told, as far as we are capable of telling, the secrets of this great and growing city. Our purpose has been two-fold, to satisfy a reasonable curiosity on the part of those who never have seen, and probably never will see New York, and to warn those who design visiting the city, of the dangers and temptations which await them here. We warn them earnestly to confine their visits to the numerous harmless and innocent attractions of the Metropolis, and to shun those other, darker quarters of the city, which are but so many gateways to the paths that lead down to ruin and death.


          And How they Lived, Fought and Died for the Union,


        Comprising Narratives of Personal Adventure, Thrilling 
          Incidents, Daring Exploits, Heroic Deeds, Wonderful 
            Escapes, Life in the Camp, Field and Hospital, 
            Adventures of Spies and Scouts. Together with 
             the songs, Ballads, Anecdotes, and Humorous 
                     Incidents of the War.
        Embellished with over 100 Fine Portraits and Engravings. 
       * * * * *

There is a certain portion of the War that will never go into the regular histories, nor be embodied in romance or poetry, which is a very real part of it, and will, if preserved, convey to succeeding generations a better idea of the spirit of the conflict than many dry reports or careful narratives of events; and this part may be called the Gossip, the Fun, the Pathos of the War. This illustrates the character of the leaders, the humor of the soldiers, the devotion of women, the bravery of men, the pluck of our heroes, the romance and hardships of the service.

From the beginning of the war the author has been engaged in collecting all the anecdotes connected with or illustrative of it, and has grouped and classified them under appropriate heads, and in a very attractive form.

Prominent among the sparkling contents of this work, and which give to its four departments their peculiar attractiveness, may be named: - Striking Instances of loyalty to the flag, and valor in its defence; Bravery on the Battle-Field and Quarter-Deck; Examples of Youthful Courage in the storm of Combat; Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry in line of action - the tramp and onset; extraordinary fortitude under suffering; undaunted heroism in death; the roll of fame and story. Reminiscences of victory and disaster of Camp Picket, Spy, Scout, Bivouac and Siege, with feats of Daring, Bold and Brilliant Marches, Remarkable Cases of Sharp-Shooting, Hand-to-Hand Encounters, Startling Surprises, Ingenious Strategy, Celebrated Tactics, Wonderful Escapes, Comical and Ludicrous Adventures on Land and Sea; Wit, Drollery and Repartee, Famous Words and Deeds of Women, Sanitary and Hospital Scenes, Prison Experiences, Partings and Re-unions, Last Words of the Dying, with affecting illustrations of the home affections and mementoes of the tender passion; final scenes and events in the great Drama, and all those momentous hours, acts and movements, the memory of which will live in letters of blood before the eyes, and burn like fire in the hearts of those who participated in them. These, sifted like gold, are here presented in all their attractions. Thus the rank and file, as well as the superior officers, both North and South, are made illustrious in these pages by whatever of valor, skill or achievement personally distinguished them.

Amusement as well as instruction may be found in every page, as graphic detail, brilliant wit and authentic history are skilfully interwoven in this work of literary art.

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