Succession of the Sovereigns from their Founder to the present Emperor.

Fez, - - 1806.

Responsibility of the Governors - Empire beautiful and productive - Humane Efforts of the Emperor - Blind Submission to his Will - Great Number of Negroes naturalized - The Moors might be truly formidable. - Emperor's Brother - Fez divided into two Parts - Magnificent Mosques - Commercial Privileges - Indignities which Christians undergo - Singular Supply of Water - The Imperial Gardens - Propensity to defraud - Factories - Exports - Costume - Character - Manner of living - Domestic Vermin.


Fez - Debility of the Moors - Mosques - Antiquities, Roman, Carthaginian, and Saracen - Storks held in great Veneration - Baths - Bazars - Inhabitants - Residence - Menagerie - Marvellous Preservation of a Jew - Lions - Tigers - Leopards - Hyenas.

Fez, - - .

Sudden Departure from Fez - Arrive at Mequinez - Attend the Emperor - Melancholy Catastrophe - Expedition against wild Beasts - Extensive Palaces - Seraglio - Visit a Haram - Founders of the City - A fortified Town - Inhabitants - Jewish Town - Rich Attire of the higher Orders - Numerous Market-places - Furniture - Saints' Houses - Imperial Field Sports - Pack of Greyhounds - Abundance of Game.


My motives for publishing this volume of Travels, will be best explained by a detail of the circumstances which gave rise to my journey to Morocco. In 1805, I was serving in the capacity of Physician to His Majesty's Forces, at the Depot Hospital in the Isle of Wight; whence, by dexterous management of the Army Medical Board[*], I was removed, and placed upon half-pay, in June of that year. At this period, it occurred to Mr.

Courtship - Marriage - Funerals - Sabbath.


Inducement for the Journey - Arrive at Tangiers - Its History - Situation - Inhabitants - Military - Governor - Fortifications - Subterraneous Passage - Socco, or Market - Adjacent Villas - Invited to Larache.

Tangiers, January 12th, 1806.

Depart for Morocco - Roads dreadfully infested, by Robbers - A Tribe of aboriginal Freebooters - Description of Morocco - Filth of the common People - Tobacco disallowed - Justice of the Emperor.


Sketch of the History of Morocco - Road from Tangiers - Simplicity of the Peasants - Moors hospitable - Arrive at a Village - The ancient Zelis - Public Accommodations - Much infested with Vermin - Arzilla, a ruinous walled Town - Arrive at Larache.

Larache, January 1806.

Before I proceed to give you the particulars of my journey to this place, I shall fulfil tho promise I made you in my last.

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