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Peaceful Monotony - A Japanese School - A Dismal Ditty - Punishment - A Children's Party - A Juvenile Belle - Female Names - A Juvenile Drama- -Needlework - Calligraphy - Arranging Flowers - Kanaya - Daily Routine- -An Evening's Entertainment - Planning Routes - The God-shelf.

IRIMICHI, Nikko, June 23.

My peacefully monotonous life here is nearly at an end. The people are so quiet and kindly, though almost too still, and I have learned to know something of the externals of village life, and have become quite fond of the place.

The Necessity of Firmness - Perplexing Misrepresentations - Gliding with the Stream - Suburban Residences - The Kubota Hospital - A Formal Reception - The Normal School.

KUBOTA, July 23.

Savage Life - A Forest Track - Cleanly Villages - A Hospitable Reception - The Chief's Mother - The Evening Meal - A Savage Seance - Libations to the Gods - Nocturnal Silence - Aino Courtesy - The Chief's Wife.


Darkness visible - Nikko Shops - Girls and Matrons - Night and Sleep - Parental Love - Childish Docility - Hair-dressing - Skin Diseases.

A Silk Factory - Employment for Women - A Police Escort - The Japanese Police Force.

KUBOTA, July 23.

My next visit was to a factory of handloom silk-weavers, where 180 hands, half of them women, are employed. These new industrial openings for respectable employment for women and girls are very important, and tend in the direction of a much-needed social reform. The striped silk fabrics produced are entirely for home consumption.

by Lafcadio Hearn

"Perhaps all very marked national characters can be traced back
to a time of rigid and pervading discipline" - WALTER BAGEHOT.

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