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PARIS, October 12, 1763.

NICE, November 10, 1764.

AIX EN PROVENCE, May 10, 1765.

To MRS. M - . PARIS, October, 12, 1763.

NICE, December 19, 1764.

SIR, - In my last, I gave you a succinct account of the silkworm, and the management of that curious insect in this country. I shall now proceed to describe the methods of making wine and oil.

BOULOGNE, May 23, 1765.

To MR. M -

LYONS, October 19, 1763.

DEAR SIR, - I was favoured with yours at Paris, and look upon your reproaches as the proof of your friendship. The truth is, I considered all the letters I have hitherto written on the subject of my travels, as written to your society in general, though they have been addressed to one individual of it; and if they contain any thing that can either amuse or inform, I desire that henceforth all I send may be freely perused by all the members.

BOULOGNE, June 13, 1765.

MONTPELLIER, November 5, 1763.

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