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The Nature of the Country - The Order of March - The Beginning of our Taxation - Sultan Lion's Claw, and Sultan Monkey's Tail - The Kingani - Jealousies and Difficulties in the Camp - The Murderer of M. Maizan.

Sail down the Kafu - The Navigable Nile - Fishing and Sporting Population - The Scenery on the River - An Inhospitable Governor - Karuma Falls - Native Superstitions - Thieveries - Hospitable Reception at Koki by Chongi.

Nature of the Country - Resumption of the March - A Hunt - Bombay and Baraka - The Slave-Hunters - The Ivory-Merchants - Collection of Natural-History Specimens - A Frightened Village - Tracking a Mule.

Junction of the Two Hemispheres - The First Contact with Persons Acquainted with European Habits - Interruptions and Plots - The Mysterious Mahamed - Native Revelries - The Plundering and Tyranny of the Turks - The Rascalities of the Ivory Trade - Feeling for the Nile - Taken to see a Mark left by a European - Buffalo, Eland, and Rhinoceros Stalking - Meet Baker - Petherick's Arrival at Gondokoro.

The Lie of the Country - Rhinoceros-Stalking - Scuffle of Villagers over a Carcass - Chief "Short-Legs" and His Successors - Buffalo- Shooting - Getting Lost - A Troublesome Sultan - Desertions from the Camp - Getting Plundered - Wilderness March - Diplomatic Relations with the Local Powers - Manua Sera's Story - Christmas - The Relief from Kaze

My journey down to Alexandria was not without adventure, and carried me through scenes which, in other circumstances, it might have been worth while to describe. Thinking, however, that I have already sufficiently trespassed on the patience of the reader, I am unwilling to overload my volume with any matter that does not directly relate to the solution of the great problem which I went to solve.

The Country and People of U-n-ya-muezi - Kaze, the Capital - Old Musa - The Naked Wakidi - The N'yanza, and the Question of the River Running in or out - The Contest between Mohinna and "Short- legs" - Famine - The Arabs and Local Wars - The Sultana of Unyambewa - Ungurue "The Pig" - Pillage.

[FN#1] The equator was crossed on the 8th February 1862.

[FN#2] The Wahuma are treated of in Chapter IX.

[FN#3] The list of my fauna collection will be found in an early Number of the "Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London."

The Politics of Uzinza - The Wahuma - "The Pig's" Trick - First Taste of Usui Taxation - Pillaged by Mfumbi - Pillaged by Makaka - Pillaged by Lumeresi - Grant Stripped by M'Yonga - Stripped Again by Ruhe - Terrors and Defections in the Camp - Driven back to Kaze with new Tribulations and Impediments.

Taxation recommenced - A Great Doctor - Suwarora pillaging - The Arabs - Conference with an Ambassador from Uganda - Disputes in Camp - Rivalry of Bombay and Baraka - Departure from the Inhospitable Districts.

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