John Hanning Speke

The Politics of Uzinza - The Wahuma - "The Pig's" Trick - First Taste of Usui Taxation - Pillaged by Mfumbi - Pillaged by Makaka - Pillaged by Lumeresi - Grant Stripped by M'Yonga - Stripped Again by Ruhe - Terrors and Defections in the Camp - Driven back to Kaze with new Tribulations and Impediments.

[FN#1] The equator was crossed on the 8th February 1862.

[FN#2] The Wahuma are treated of in Chapter IX.

[FN#3] The list of my fauna collection will be found in an early Number of the "Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London."

Taxation recommenced - A Great Doctor - Suwarora pillaging - The Arabs - Conference with an Ambassador from Uganda - Disputes in Camp - Rivalry of Bombay and Baraka - Departure from the Inhospitable Districts.

Relief from Protectors and Pillagers - The Scenery and Geology - Meeting with the Friendly King Rumanika - His Hospitalities and Attention - His Services to the Expedition - Philosophical and Theological Inquiries - The Royal Family of Karague - The M-Fumbiro Mountain - Navigation of "The Little Windermere" - The New-Moon Levee - Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Hunting - Measurement of a Fattened Queen - Political Polygamy - Christmas - Rumours of Petherick's Expedition - Arrangements to meet it - March to Uganda.

The Abyssinians and Gallas - Theory of Conquest of Inferior by Superior Races - The Wahuma and the Kingdom of Kittara - Legendary History of the Kingdom of Uganda - Its Constitution, and the Ceremonials of the Court.

Escape from Protectors - Cross the Kitangule, the First Affluent of the Nile - Enter Uddu - Uganda - A Rich Country - Driving away the Devil - A Conflict in the Camp - A Pretending Prince - Three Pages with a Diplomatic Message from the King of Uganda - Crime in Uganda.

Preparations for the Reception at the Court of Mtesa, King of Uganda - The Ceremonial - African Diplomacy and Dignity - Feats with the Rifle - Cruelty, and Wastefulness of Life - The Pages - The Queen- Dowager of Uganda - Her Court Reception - I negotiate for a Palace - Conversations with the King and Queen - The Queen's grand Entertainment - Royal Dissipation.

Continued Diplomatic Difficulties - Negro Chaffing - The King in a New Costume - Adjutant and Heron Shooting at Court - My Residence Changed - Scenes at Court - The Kamraviona, or Commander-in-Chief- -Quarrels - Confidential Communications with the King - Court Executions and Executioners - Another Day with the Queen.

A Visit to a Distinguished Statesman - A Visit from the King - Royal Sport - The Queen's Present of Wives - The Court Beauties and their Reverses - Judicial Procedure in Uganda - Buffalo-Hunting - A Musical Party - My Medical Practice - A Royal Excursion on the N'yanza - The Canoes of Uganda - A Regatta - Rifle Practice - Domestic Difficulties - Interference of a Magician - The King's Brothers.

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